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     Zinc oxide with chemical formula of ZNO is white powder with very tiny granulation and special weight of 5.6, and has 6 dimensional crystals that are of the most important commercial compositions of zinc. Zinc oxide is obtained from oxidation of divan silvery metal that has atomic mass of 65.38 and boiling point of 907 centigrade by heating.


Some important features of zinc oxide are as follows: high coverage and tenacity, thermal and electric resistant, resistant against rays and activator of human and animal enzymes.

Zinc oxide application in industries:
1. Glazing and tile and ceramic industries and hygienic porcelain (high glaze, liquation and coverage)
2. rubber production (the most common and cost effective activator that decreases cooking time);
3. to produce supplements for ranches and poultry);
4. artificial leather and EVA granule;
5. production of cosmetics;
6. dye production;
7. production of brake lining;
8. production of fertilizers
and other products that are being increasingly produced.

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